By M.H. Cooper

Old tools.

Some handed down from generation to generation and some bought at swap meets and antique stores—the stories they could tell if they could talk.

Stories of home building, shoeing horses, working on farm equipment, cutting and splitting firewood, logging and many other applications. But, like anything else after years of use, abuse and weathering, they need a little love to bring them back to a place where they were originally.


They need it and we do too. What does it mean to be restored?

When it comes to old tools, a little sandpaper, WD-40, a new handle and a little elbow grease can bring them back to the same shape they were on the shelf of the old mom and pop hardware store where they were purchased many years ago.

Do we as humans need restoration? We do. Restoration to who? Why? Because of the age—old problem sin we were born into it. It was an unwanted gift.

All kinds of problems came after the decision in the garden of Eden. How can we fix it or restore ourselves? We can’t. Not on our own, anyway. But, because we were created by a loving God, He made a way—an escape for our condition. He sent his son to die on the cross for us.

We can put our hope, faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and we can be restored to our original condition—in right standing with our creator. I said earlier that these old tools can’t talk but they do speak to us if we take the time to consider them.

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