By Callie Daruk

"Excuse me one moment, please. I need to wait on my customer,” said Sandra Ramsey, owner of Burdett’s Tea Shop & Trading Company. 

A warm smile followed her comment and I stepped aside momentarily. What began as a simple business transaction, soon turned into the kind of story Rooted & Grounded exists to tell—stories of good people doing good things.

Most locals are no stranger to the name Burdett’s Tea Shop and during a recent visit, one-of-a-kind gifts and delicious looking homemade cakes weren’t the only beautiful things on display.  

While conducting business with Ramsey, lovely as the ambiance was, something even more interesting caught my attention.

“Well hi there! I just poured the last of the coffee, but here’s you some water. I’ll be right back out with your sandwich, okay?”

A nearby waitress said to a man limping toward her table.    Judging by the inflection of her words, it was clear this man was no stranger. His eyes and his clothing hid stories perhaps they knew— perhaps they didn’t though I’m not sure it mattered. The compassionate waitress addressed her customer with as much kindness as she’d shown the well-dressed businessman who’d paid for his entire table’s meal.

“This isn’t the first time he’s been here is it, Sandy?”  She answered my rhetorical question with a simple nod. If I hadn’t probed, she wouldn’t have told me the way they care for their neighborhood friend who stops by when food and companionship are in high demand.

“This is good news. May I share it with our readers?” I asked her. It was undeniable to us both and she graciously obliged. As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded that the spirit of giving lasts year-round. When no one was looking, the staff at Burdett’s Tea Shop showed their hearts and extended their generous hands. This Thanksgiving season, may we all do the same.  

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