By Callie Daruk

Construction on Adairville’s new Italian market and deli lunges forward.

What recently stood as an eyesore on the town square is undergoing a radical transformation. Within the community, anticipation builds as sounds of growth can be heard from the corner of Park Avenue and Main Street. The new market is expected to offer grocery items Adairville residents haven’t seen in years: fresh produce, fresh beef, hand-sliced deli meats and more. The new business is also expected to house a commercial kitchen where freshly baked pastries and prepared meals will be sold.  

“Samuel and Solomon, a charitable foundation established for seniors and children in need throughout Logan County, purchased the property and will operate the business,” said signing board member, Deborah Hirsch.    

The initial idea was born after a conversation between Adairville Mayor, Donna Blake, and Hirsch.  “Please come to Adairville. We will pave the way and open our arms and our hearts to you. We need you in Adairville,” said Blake. Following their discussion, a trip to the town she’d previously passed through with little notice of proved pivotal for Hirsh. She noticed the town, the people and the unmet needs. She saw the potential to do good.

“Tell me what Adairville needs,” Hirsch asked following her visit.

Mayor Blake didn’t hesitate to respond and days later, a plan was put together for an Italian market and deli.  “That would be a God send. We need it so much. It’s an answer to our prayers,” said Mayor Blake.  Plans formulated from a single exchange were realized as construction began on a project that could help change a community ripe for revival.  

The steady flow of truck drivers, farmers and workers making their way through Adairville will no longer have to pass through in search of a place to sit and eat. Once the market is complete, visitors and residents are expected to be able to stop for a hot cup of coffee, eat a fresh sandwich, meet with a colleague or even pick up dinner for the evening. Residents in the middle of meal preparations who run out of a particular item will no longer have to make the inevitable trip to a nearby town for fresh produce or meats.  

“Say you're tired, you just got off work and you don’t want to cook. You want to go home, take a shower, put your pajamas on and have something to eat. At the market, you can buy prepared lasagna or you can buy marinara and meatballs and just throw some noodles in a pot. You can buy lettuce, tomato, and cucumber to make a salad. Either way, you can have a wonderful dinner.

"The best part of all is that every dime it makes will go back into the community," said Hirsch. " I am not interested in making money for myself," she added.“I’m interested in making money to give away; money to be put to good use for the community in areas of need.”  

Residents await the completion of what will be sure to change not only Adairville’s landscape but it’s history. If all goes as planned, the project is expected to be completed in the Spring of 2020.

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