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By Callie Daruk

It’s hard to think about the new year and not think about a new you. Where did I go wrong last year? Why have I gained twenty pounds? What do I need to change this year to be better and to do better?

Like you, I am sure, there are many things I wish I had been better at in 2019. If you were to ask me how I did at losing weight, among many other things, my answer would be far from the goal I set when the year began. It’s so easy to fall back into the same old habits– to keep doing the same old thing isn’t it?

A different outcome will never result from the same response.

What do you really hope to accomplish in 2020? What are your plans? What do you desperately want to see change? Imagine what an interview with what a new you could look like a year from now.

January 1, 2021

Interviewer: Did you set goals for 2020?

New You: Yes, I did.

Interviewer: What were they?

New You: Lose weight, be more generous, be more productive

Interviewer: Which ones did you accomplish?

New You: All of them

Interviewer: Wait, did you say, all?

New You: I sure did

Interviewer: Your goals seem pretty broad. What did you actually get accomplished?

New You: I lost 40 pounds, I created a giving log and filled an entire small spiral notebook of things I’ve wanted and needed to give, and I succeeded in being more productive.

Interviewer: Wow, that’s impressive. You must have some pretty strong will-power, huh?

New You: Actually, I don’t. I’m a procrastinator and can easily fall into bad habits and selfish ways.

Interviewer: So, what did you do to change that?

New You: First, I asked God to expose the areas in my life I needed to improve. As He begin showing me, I began asking for His grace to accomplish them. With His help, I created a plan of action—mini goals, if you will.

Interviewer: Mini goals?

New You: Yes, instead of the daunting 40 pounds I wanted to lose, I decided to break that down. If I lost 10lbs each month, in four months I’d reach my goal. I focused on just 10lbs at a time and it was so much easier. I took this approach with all of my goals. I broke them down into smaller daily, weekly or monthly goals. Little by little my small spiral notebook filled. To be more productive, I started with one thing I wanted to do better–keep the house cleaner. Each day I intentionally focused on one area that needed work. The next day I moved to another. I did this in my home and on the job. After a while, it became a habit and part of my routine.

Interviewer: That’s really inspiring. What would you tell our readers as they set goals for the new year? New You: If I can do it, anyone can. Start small. Ask for God’s help. Things really can be different.

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