By Adam Ferris | Kickin' Grass Farm

Do you use tables?

Yes, I’m referring to that piece of furniture with at least four legs. You may be at one now as you’re reading. As I conjure these words and arrange this article, I am also sitting at a table.

We stand around tables, have business meetings there, visit friends, laugh, cry and most importantly, we eat around them. Together, let’s invest some energy in thinking about a table to eat at. More specifically, a family table.


Food sustains and is the giver, nurturer and thermostat for our moods. What we humans put into our bodies as food has a direct response to the output of the energy and effectiveness we bring to life each day. Food is of the essence and in the physical world, our essence is food.

It amazes me how we can invest our heart and soul (not to mention hours) searching for that perfect gizmo on Amazon. We scroll and scroll undoubtedly convinced at the time of purchase we must have it. Yet, few people give a single second thought about what we will feed our children for dinner (until the last minute).

What’s more important than choosing the proper fuel we power our internal gut microbes, muscles and mind with? And we wonder why sickness is a given norm. As Joel Salatin would say,

"Folks this ain’t normal”.

Now, imagine with me, for a moment. Ready?

Everything has a headquarters (HQ), nucleus, origin; a home base it retreats to when normalcy needs rekindled or change needs soothed. A kitchen table is now the nucleus of purpose. Anyone coming in contact with the nucleus of purpose gives that person a feeling of love, meaningful direction and incentive to take positive action. Christians have a Bible for a physical nucleus, executives have a board room, chefs have a kitchen and children have their honesty. Your family needs a physical place as well.

If you don’t use a table for meals now, I invite you to start now!

This table is the physical family nucleus - your home board room, your foundation; your HQ. It is a space where everyone can see each other and interact on good days and bad days. What a better time than now to regain a conscience plan of your family purpose.

Whether it's just you at home, a husband and wife or a family with eight children, I recommend getting to your family nucleus one time each day - beginning today.

What better place to nurture each other than at the same place we nurture our physical bodies?

Proteins are the building blocks of living and a kitchen table can be a building block of family. Here are 5 simple action steps to help you build your family table:

  1. Find your table.

  2. Commit to share one meal per day at the table.

  3. Give responsibilities for preparing the table. Johnny gets the silverware, Sally gets the napkins, etc.

  4. Believe he time spent there is purposeful. Make use of the time together. What makes you smile? Tell me one person you said “thank you” to today, etc.

  5. Pray, give thanks, acknowledge life.

  6. Bonus: Prepare. Well done is better than well said.

From the table,

Adam Ferris - Kickin’ Grass Farm, LLC.


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