By Crystal Latham


Shawn McCormick, the owner of B. H. James Distillers, has lived many places in his life but he only called one home - Adairville.

“I never had any other location in mind. Adairville was always there. My grandparents were always there. It’s basically the only place I ever felt was home.” said McCormick.

His family history is rich with Adairville entrepreneurs. Shawn’s grandparents, Roy and Sarah McCormick, owned Michael’s Five and Dime. His professional baseball playing, great grandfather, Burton James, also had a general store on Main Street.    

Those historical roots are the lifeblood that fueled McCormick’s dream for opening his own distillery after a visit along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 2012. He knew many steps must be taken if his dream of owning a distillery would be realized. McCormick needed know-how, capital, base whiskey and a building so he set about the task. It was not fast nor easy but with the help and support of family and friends, one by one things began to fall into place.

In May of this year, McCormick marked the building off the list. As it is in the world of construction permits, policies, and plans all take longer than anticipated. McCormick is in the process of fine-tuning and preparing the building. The planned unveiling of B. H. James Distillers, showcasing Burton James Uniquely American and James Lake liqueur is expected around the Summer of 2020.

In a community ready for growth, McCormick hopes to contribute by adding his distillery to the Kentucky Bourbon Craft Tour.


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