After much analysis and prayer, the difficult decision to end Rooted & Grounded’s business venture has recently been made.


That's what we do and if ever there was a need for it in our world and nation, it’s now. Why then would you dismantle Rooted & Grounded you might ask? As a deadly virus, a global pandemic, and hate sweep across our nation even as we write this letter, life as we know it has changed. The pause button was pushed it brought us home to our families; home with our precious children. Emphatically we reply, yes to your question.

Yes, there is a tremendous need for encouragement but the quarantine reminded us of where that need is greatest - our own homes. As we gaze into the eyes of our children many questions arise. What will they see? What must they endure? What kind of America will they grow up in? There is but one answer we as mothers must give to the problem now facing our children. As much as we loved our time with each and every one of you and short as it has been, the clarion call is clear. We choose home. We choose our children. We choose our families and it is abundantly clear that at all costs, we must take the pause we have been given, unwind some things and get on our knees. We must fight for our families for a battle surely rages. In addition, our customers were all small business who have been hit particularly hard during these times. We feel strongly that continuing to pursue their business at this time, would be difficult for them.

We would like to thank you for your support and business. We sincerely appreciate each one of you and it has been a pleasure to pour out of our hearts into the publication we will always be grateful we were allowed to share with you.

May God bless you and make his beautiful face to shine upon you and your households. May he keep you from evil and bring you into a right relationship with his dear son, Jesus Christ. There, may we find hope for our nation, healing for our broken hearts, and an inheritance for our children.


Callie & Crystal


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