By Callie Daruk

Under the cover of darkness, the light of the world was born. Like those who surrounded the infant Savior that night so long ago, more than five hundred people recently gathered together on Adairville’s town square. In wonder, the community watched the inaugural production of God’s Greatest Gift: A Living Nativity.

The square has hosted many events over the years but this was unlike any in Adairville’s history. Visitors from Lewisburg to Goodlettsville and everywhere in between, watched a breathtaking living nativity and experienced a night they will not soon forget. Around the town square, onlookers toured from scene to scene and watched as Mary rode in on a real donkey, wise men led live camels and shepherds watched roaming sheep.

In stunning costumes made and provided by the talented, Laura Sylvester, Bible characters came to life. In an outpouring of love, a cast as special as those who surrounded the baby Jesus, stepped up to play the roles they hold so dear.

The cast included:

Narrator-Father David Wilton

Mary-Jenna Robertson

Joseph-Hayden Blick

Baby Jesus-Jasper Blake

Gabriel-Alvy Holloway

Wise Men-Danny Finch, R.B. Hirsch III, John Street

Shepherds-Russell Law, Teddy Smith, P. J. Suiter

Angels: Sandra Law, Teagan Burchett, Vicky Penick

“Being a shepherd in the nativity was something I’ll never forget as long as I live,” said cast member, Russell Law. “You try and do something for the Lord and you always end up getting blessed in return.”

Led by the talented musician and choir director, Mary Beth Dowden, a host of singers filled the night sky with heavenly praise. Some included: Alvy Holloway, Connolly Wright, Sharon Burchett, Teagan Burchett, Jared Avila, Kate Collins, and Karen Russell.

Holloway who sang, “When Love Was Born” and “Joseph’s Song,” said of the unforgettable evening, “It was so great because it wasn’t about any of us. It was for Jesus, by Jesus, and of Jesus. With very little time to prepare, everybody just showed up and did their part. It was amazing and I was so happy to be part of it.”

The community would like to thank the men of the Adairville Volunteer Fire Department who directed traffic and kept the participants safe. They included: Derrick Scott, Brent Holman, Donnie Warren, Jon Keith Smith, Dale Scott, Jimmy Laurent and Ricardo Cruz The community would also like to thank Deborah Hirsch and the Sadie Nauy Foundation for their generosity to the community. Without them, this incredible night would not have been possible. “It was the commitment and hard work of so many that pulled it all together for the enjoyment of all that made God’s Greatest Gift: A Living Nativity possible. Remember, He is the gift,” said Hirsch.

In speaking of his role in the nativity, Alvy Holloway said it best. “Now, when people think of Adairville, I hope they think of the Strawberry Festival and the Living Nativity.”

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