A Look Inside

In various forms, news is all around us. We’re bombarded with it in fact, and in most cases what we read, see, and hear serves, unfortunately, to only further our stress levels. Rooted and Grounded, LLC seeks to change that.

We believe words matter. We believe they carry a great deal of power and with them, we have the ability to build up or tear down. Our inspirational publication is one of construction - not demolition. We strive to be a publication where readers come away feeling encouraged, inspired and equipped to be the positive change they wish to see in this world.

In addition to our online content, we also produce a monthly printed newspaper.

Callie Daruk

Founder, Co-Owner, Editor, Author & Speaker

Crystal Latham

Co-Owner, Editor, Writer, Educator

"Very good reading! I look forward to many more."

— Jerry H.

"Well done! Rooted & Grounded is a gift from above - good and perfect."

— Brian W.

“Your endeavor to bring good community and people news to everyone's attention in each publication is very exciting. Do we ever need an emphasis on plentiful positives in the world of today.”

— Ann S.

“Rooted & Grounded is a positive, informative publication - a breath of fresh air in this world of negativity. Whether it’s a local activity or an interview with an interesting  individual, you can count on the article to be detailed, positive and full of fun and personality. I love it and can’t wait until each publication is released.

— Myra S.

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